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Monday, March 31, 2003

Knock Knock....... Anyone Home? II
I stole this title from one of my readers who was inquiring a while back about my inconsistant presence on my Blog. I salute him and all the miniscule audience who is loyal to this website and come to pay me visits. I thank you all for being such devoted and faithful readers and making my blogging such a rewarding experience.

I went into all the archive settings in my template and republished everything......and Viola! My Photo (whose code has been sitting in my template now for two weeks) that I have wanted to be in my website finally shows up. (Although the Archives have disappeared, I am fearful to republish them in case the photo does it's disappearing act again). If you are reading this right now and do not see the photo of Rockefeller Center, but still see "Toronto Feet", then I am absolutely convinced that I have a Psycho Blog. Do they have Institutions for Psycho Blogs? It probably needs to be put away, if that's the case. But the good news is that the making of the new Blog is well under way and I will tell you when you can expect the Premiere and where to point your browsers.

I always put links behind my photos. If Rockefeller Center is up on the website, you can click on the photo and get to their website. There is a link for webcam. I thought it was cool to see all those people running around and the cars moving and then sitting at the Stoplight. I know what you are saying. Yeah, how exciting, Peach. I do miss my trip to New York though. That is why a few times I have posted the photos I took while I was there.

I am going to leave a link here that is connected to a Blog I started around the same time as Double Click Dailies. But it was difficult keeping up one Blog, let alone another one. So there is really only one entry. I am going to publish the link because it is one of my favorites and when I read it, it always brings me back to that moment again. Here it is: Prince-Adult Fairy Tales

posted by Peach | Monday, March 31, 2003

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Parallel Lives
There is a French Movie called La Double Vie de Veronique. (The Double Life of Veronique). Gwyneth Paltrow did the English version (Sliding Doors) of that movie a few years ago. It is the story of a woman who has two lives. Namely that she is living in a parallel universe. Ever heard of it? Yours truly is 'suffering ' from that at this moment....right inside my Website.

I have been having problems with posting a new photo. This morning I noticed the Archives were gone (again!). So I republished everything. Besides taking 20 years, a pop-up window displayed an archive error. It happened both times for each page. I then went to the settings to check out that it was monthly archiving. It was set up that way but I still get weekly archiving. (lovely Blogger). Anyway I clicked on 'save changes', went back to my Blog and, lo and behold the picture that was changed in the template was finally posted on my website and the Archives were back again. The last line on the Archive column was the line 'Current'. That's that, I thought. But then I signed out of Blogger and went back into the website and that stupid Toronto Feet was still there. What happened to the Rockefeller Center photo I had just posted and seen? And what happened to the 'current' line at the bottom of my Archive column? I tell you I am living in two different universes inside this cyber space. Anyone out there know what is going on?

Sadly my First Year Blog Anniversary came and went. (It was March the Fifth.) I was planning at least to make some hoopla about it. I have contacted a Web person ( who is on vacation this week) but will be helping me to change my Website. I have been very loyal to Blogger but I think I need something better, with many more options for design and process, and more hassle free. If you go to the Sheer Bloggery Links and click on Prince-Adult Fairy Tales, you will see my ambitions for 2 or 3 websites which didn't pan out. It's time consuming with just one website! By the way when I went to click on it, it wasn't there. I hope you have better luck.

I am wishing myself a Happy BlogAnniversary and much less Blog problems; A new brightened and enlightened website, and Peace for us all in the upcoming year. Peach has very high hopes............but I hope all of it will come to pass.

posted by Peach | Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Knock Knock...Anyone Home?
I have tried for an hour to change the photo on my Blog inside the template. But to no avail. It seems to be stuck. The new html code for the new photo is in the template, but it still carries the old photo. I am not having trouble with the Edit window where I post . So only the Template is off for some reason. I am really not sure if Blogger is having problems or not. I will try again tomorrow. If it doesn't work, I'll go ahead and post.........or maybe there will be 'Shock and Awe' on this Website.

posted by Peach | Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Out of State? Out of Touch
I went Downtown today to turn in some paperwork in the Wells Fargo Center. It was a beautiful day......that kind of smogless pure air and crystal clear landscapes; and a big, gorgeous blue sky with light fluffy white clouds floating over me. What a vision! Compared to the 4-6 months out of the year that we get cloudless, dirty orange skies and hazy, lackluster colors in the surrounding nature, it was an incredible day. It's almost like comparing Black and White photography to color.........there's that much of a difference. Many people, including the local media, always use the temperature as the only requirement for a beautiful day in L.A. If it's 80 degrees outside, then it qualifies as an outrageously awesome day. If it's warm enough to hit the beach, I suppose that's the ticket.

Many people come here from the East Coast and the Mid-West and California is really a Paradise to them after shoveling snow all Winter and hardly ever seeing the sun. Don't get me wrong. I am a California native and I do love California as it is a beautiful State. It is so very sad, though, that half the year, you are running around inhaling all that orange crap (I wonder what my lungs look like?) and not being able to see the real beauty of the sky above you or being able to see the city that is surrounded by mountains all around and the ocean to the West. On a clear day you can see the snow topped San Gabriel Mountains and the closer, local Santa Monica Mountains. There's also the Southern France(Cote d'Azur) look of the Hollywood Hills. On a clear day, getting off the 10 Freeway and heading North on La Cienga or La Brea you can see them very clearly and a bit furthur East you can even see the Hollywood Sign. (There is some political intrigue here as to why we have the traffic and the smog, but I won't get into it right now. ) Just remember what I told you the next time you land in L.A. About 100 miles out, maybe 20 mintues before landing you will begin to see that famous 'orange' blanket hanging over the City. Unless you arrive the day after a rainfall or Santa Ana Winds.

Getting into the KPMG Tower has changed since 9/11. They now request photo I.D.'s and have a security system in place. I took out my Driver's License and gave it to the Security Attendant. Next to me were two older gentleman. One of them jokingly told the female Attendant that now everyone would know his age. I smiled and told the guy who took my I.D. that it certainly wasn't fair to the women. "You really only need your Social Security number". He agreed as he handed me back the I.D. "I never look at the Birthdate, only the I really don't check out people's age." I thought about it as I got on the elevator. What the heck is your Birthdate doing on your Driver's License when the S.S. # is tied into everything. Can't the cops tell the difference when they stop you whether you are 20 years old or 60? The less info you have about yourself the better. I was recently a victim of credit card fraud to the tune of$4000. But that's another story.

Heading back to the main center, I bought lunch and sat down at one of the tables in the downstairs plaza. There was an ATM right behind me. I watched as people stood in line to get money. I am a nosy person and I love watching people. ( I do believe I craned my neck a bit too much at the Brooks Brothers guy going up the escalator with his male lunch buddies.) Two women walked up and stood in line. I can size people up pretty well, ( all those years in and out of airports) and at first glance they really did look like a couple of street prostitutes. One of them looked like she had just gotton out of bed. The clothes were very tacky and looked second hand and she really did look like she was ready for the street. But there is trendy tacky ( i.e Melrose Ave.) and just plain tacky. Her girlfriend had on a black Beret and a very short skirt and Black boots. Her hair was long and black and was styled in ringlet curls. It is sort of hard to explain........but these two women did not even look llike they were from the seedy part of Hollywood. There was just a different air about them. Maybe they weren't women of the night after all. Maybe they were just out of State. My people watching ended abrubtly when I realized I only had 5 more minutes on the parking meter.

This has to end now too, as I just realized I told my neighbor I would walk with her a 5:00. and it's 20 after.

p.s. Think about coming out to California during the rainy season. Ha ha!

posted by Peach | Wednesday, March 05, 2003
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