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Friday, February 28, 2003

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posted by Peach | Friday, February 28, 2003

Thursday, February 27, 2003

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Methinks Blogger messed up. The AudBlog is not working. I cannot hear my voice when I click on the Icon.

It's fixed. Luigi changed my broken Quicktime to RealMedia. Now I can hear my dumb and dumber salutation.

posted by Peach | Thursday, February 27, 2003

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

But, Can you Sing?!
I am not really that much of a T.V. person....don't watch a lot ....but Sunday night I did watch, and for the first time in a long time I watched a small part of the Grammy's. I had heard about this new singer Nora Jones on the News and what a phenom she was suppose to be, so I turned on the show, but after it had already started. Eminem had just walked on. You would have had to have lived in a cave the last several years if you do not know who this person is. I didn't have the slightest bit of interest in a white rapper so I just never bothered to hear him. Well, I finally did. The question is "what is the big deal?" I was really trying hard to be very objective. I am assuming this guy is not a musician as he wasn't playing a guitar or any other instrument. He wasn't really even singing, just rapping. So since I have never heard him before I don't know if he does that too.

This is my take on the Eminem Hype. I can't see any talent. There are Black rappers out there that surpass him by a mile. (if you are comparing rappers). He is another white aritst that got booted up to stardom by luck and the damn media, and probably a good manager. I didn't see his first movie either( 8 MIle?) But there is also a lot of talk about how great he is. Did I hear that he was nominated for an Academy Award? Can I put my finger in the back of my throat? Where is the American mind lately? Have we all changed that much that we cannot judge quality anymore?

I had a chance to hear Nora Jones. I really liked her . I watched Eminem as they were announcing the best Album of the year. I said to the T.V. I hope you don't win, you don't deserve it. Nora Jones aced out Eminem , I believe ,on all the three award categories he was up for.......Woo Hoo! Good for Nora Jones. I hope this is a sign that things are turning around in the music industry. Anyway the music business is like anything else, it moves in cycles. Sometimes it's brimming with fresh inspired talent, and sometimes there's just barrels of Junk Soup.

I also find it interesting that a couple of years ago, Congress was really turning up the heat opposing the lyrics on Eminem's and other rappers C.D.'s. Now it seems that things have died down and there isn't as much hoopla over it as there was before. Congress ain't too consistant. I guess they're a little preoccupied with War right now. I, for one, do think that much of that angry Rap is very offensive ,especially against women. I can understand the rebellion in Rap. Rap was born from the dregs of poverty and abuse. But today much of the rap is for effect and I don't get White Rapping. Eminem was never pulled over by the Cops and thrown into a Patrol Car just because he was Black. He could have gotton into trouble but certainly not because of his white hide.

If you are an Eminem fan, I apologize. I am sorry for offending you. But I just don't like him, and I really don't get it. I suppose I was disappointed by the Grammys in the past , and why I hardly ever watch the Grammy Awards. I at least feel, though, that for the short time period that I watched , this year, that it wasn't an entire waste of time. I hope Miss Jones goes on to many more successes. She probably will, being the daughter of Ravi Shankar.

posted by Peach | Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Rent a Surprise
A very long time ago, around the time of the Dinosaurs, I was young and very irreverant and off the wall. (Well I'm sorta still like that), I made some crazy career moves that just sort of happened. I was just out of school and had become a Flight Attendant. Having a lot of time on my hands (wow did I ever have that option?!) I thought about doing 'other things' for fun and profit.

One day my girlfriend asked me if I would mind coming out of a fake cake kind of box for her husband's surprise Birthday party. Of course I said, why not. That is what gave me the idea for my new 'business'. It just sort of popped into my head one day while I was ----------(eating, most likely). Even the name of the business materialized around the same time as my idea. I put some ads in the local papers with the following copy:
RENT . A . SURPRISE! Party entertainment. If you need someone to jump out of a cake or box at your next party, we are the people to call. For this or any other 'above board' surprise you can think of , call Peach. 555-6666

Well, you just know I had to put some kind of disclaimer in the ad....I just wasn't sure what kind of 'surprises' people would come up with.

My first gig (request) came from a woman who was getting married and wanted a fat opera singer to sing at her wedding. With the sentiment that " It isn't over til the fat lady sings". What a kick! This Surprise was a 'piece of cake' as my Mom was an Opera Singer. The only problem was that she wasn't fat. My Mom is so cool and agreed to do it for me. $75 wasn't so bad when you figured you are only 'on stage' for a few minutes. We stuffed my Mom with extra fabric and small pillows to reach the desired obesity . She was sweating up a storm in all that clothing, but she was a real trooper and everyone just loved her. I'm no greedy employer........of course I gave her the money. (But you know Moms, she wouldn't hear of it and loved to do it anyway and thought my' business' was a hoot.)

An acquaintance of a friend of mine requested a 'Surprise' but wanted something a little stranger and more risque. And now that I am older and wiser, I am wondering why I didn't think of it as a bit rude, dangerous and a bit foolish and.........stupid! But I thought it was so hilarious and loved playing games and fooling other people...........a big ham I was.
He wanted me to come to his party and masquerade as an old friend . I was suppose to flirt with his buddy and do underhanded things like slip him my Motel key and make the flirtatiousness very obvious. And this guy was married!! We agreed on $100 for a fee and I didn't have to stay for the whole party. I'm not sure why he would want to play a trick like this on his friend.......but apparently he thought it was a barrel of laughs.
We scripted the whole thing. He was going to try to put me in my place and I would pick up a 'fake' all whipped cream pie on the table and smash it into his face. If that wasn't enough, he wanted us to argue out by his pool and have me give him the heave ho right into the water! I remember that throughout this whole fiasco, my friend's wife looked at me very strangely and must have wondered what kind of a ditz would do this for money.

The evening arrived and of course I came to the Party in my finest stuff......I mean a flirt can have class....can't she? I did just as my friend (call him Fred) had asked me to do. I flirted with his buddy (Rob)......starting out very subtlely and raising the intensity of the flirt as the evening wore on. Some of the people at the party started whispering and making 'what a bitch' kind of faces. Fred came over a few times and warned me to tone it down. Rob was embarrased as hell. At first he just thought I was being nice, but I kept at it and turned up the heat and really did the Motel key bit and all the outrageous flirting that I wouldn't even do ever in 'real life'.

It finally came to the point in the 'script' where Fred irritated me so much for bugging me about 'flirting' with Rob at his party that I picked up the pie on cue and let him have it. There were a few giggles but mostly the party goers were shocked and a lot of oh-h-h's and "oh my God's" were passing around the room. But the biggest 'hit' of the night was when we had an escalated argument and I pushed him into the pool. That was the absolute best part as he was standing very close to someone else and he fell into the water as well!!

Fred finally explained to everyone that it was all a big joke and that we had successfully tricked the masses. Rob was so relieved. I really do think that Fred especially picked on him because he was a little shy. Picking a victim who was a "I know I'm cool and irresistible" type of guy would obviously not have worked. I stayed for the rest of the evening because most everyone had accepted it all as a joke and I felt comfortable enough in staying on.

I have the business card in front of me ( I found it cleaning out my drawer and it is why I was reminded of it) It reads RENT-a-SURPRISE in a caligraphy script. Underneath that is a 'raised' picture of Aladin's Lamp on a thick cream stock. Below that it reads: We do any Surprise
All Occasions

Peach Zeenie (213) 555-6666

Sometimes from out of nowhere, when I least expect it, I get this nutty urge to go out and do mayhem and rock the boat a little..................but hey, it doesn't happen very often. But if you know someone that knows me and is having a party...........well don't put it past them, they might catch you off guard one time.................and I could be in the mood.........

posted by Peach | Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Friday, February 14, 2003

Are You Hot Kevin?!
Are You Hot?

Host: Bob Noxious our next Hot Contestant in Hot Zone One from Sasquatch Maine........... Lisa !!!

Judge: Rachel Hunter
You have a nice face but no where near perfect ....I give you a 7.2 for your face, and a 6.5 for your body...too skinny...overall sex appeal, I give you 7.5.

Judge: Wuzhisname Surferlook
You need to use more have very dark hair......and what happened to your bazookas?!!

(pulling at her bikini top and smiling) This is the real me, this is me !!

T.V. Audience: Peach
Woo Hoo!!! No fake Gel Crap for this one!!! Yeah Lisa!!!!

You have a very pretty face....I give you a 9.6 for your face......your body a 7.5 ....too skinny, eat some more! Like your attitude and self confidence.......I give you a 9.8 sex appeal.

Judge #3: Imsokool Kantremberhizname
I give you an 8 for your face.......and a 6.5 for your breasts...too skinny.......overall sex appeal, I give you a 9. (Lisa walks off) (Mr Hot walks in)

Bob Noxious:
...And now our next Hot Guy from Orland Park, Illinois...............let's hear it for Kevin!!!!!!

Sweet.......nice sympatico guy, nice pecs, nice abs!.......cute!

Smile!, smile some more. Can't you smile? Open your mouth. No, open it wider. Open your mouth!

( Lips quivering like jelly......trying to open his mouth in front of 50 trillion people watching all over the country.)

Can't you open your mouth wide? it!! You have bad teeth........ I give you a 7 for your face........your body is good.....I give you a 9.4 for that.......overall sex appeal I give you 9.9......hey, there is always room for improvement!

Audience:Texas Horse Rancher (whispering to his buddy next to him)
That's how my buyers check out my horses before they buy them......lookin' at their teeth; make sure they is gettin' what they done paid for..................never thought they'd use it for people.

I give you an 8.5 for your face.......a 7.5 for your body, I think it's too big.....and an 8.5 for sex appeal.

I give you a 9 for your face because you are a great looking guy and a 9.9 for your body....awsome body and a 9.8 overall sex appeal.

(Next 4 contestants get very high scores......average 9 or 9.5........definitely higher than Kevin. I lost some of the bored and continued to surf................saw ending)

Bob Noxious:
....And now our fourth Hot Guy who made it to the finals..................Kevin!!!!!!!!!!!

Much applause.

Bob Noxious:
I am sorry for those of you who did not meet the qualifications for being Hot..........Would you please exit the stage...(So long losers.....)

End of Show (Hot Zone 1).............credits roll......all Hot Babes and Hot Guys waving to the audience.

Four Hundred years from now when they open the Time Capsule 2003 floating out in space, they will view the video for a T. V. program called Are You Hot?

Space Cadet Hardwan:
Man, what kind of people would watch that?!

Space Cadet Lowsha:
I guess they weren't too bright...........lack of culture........maybe not everyone in those days had opportunities for education . You know, a lot of ignorance.

Hmmm.......I don't think so. According to history, there were many people who continued to furthur their education.

Then what was it?

Probably boredom........maybe Wannabe Fever or Couch Potato syndrome..........Many Americans in those days considered those kinds of programs to be illuminating.

Get out of Town!!!!!! You mean there were more of those programs?!! (in shock) No way!!!!!!

Yes way. They called them Reality Shows.

That sucks..........makes me embarrased that my American ancestors were know no class..........

History can repeat they say. There is never a perfect world........our progeny may feel the same about us.

Yeah.......maybe......but there just couldn't be any worse crap than those Reality Shows they watched! Hey, I'm getting tired of logging these Laser Flashes and Time Capsules.......Let's take a break on Calm-out Space Isle...........maybe a little nookie before your wife gets back to Platform 7?

Great you there in 5 minutes!


posted by Peach | Friday, February 14, 2003
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