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Monday, January 27, 2003

The Octopus Speaks
While waiting in the Doctor's office for my Vitamin B-12 shot, I was honored to be serenaded by someone's snore, sitting across from me on the far side. Very pleasing and pleasant to listen too not! It was annoying, and strange to feel as though I were in some stranger's bedroom. I so not wanted to be anywhere near this Mr. Blubber's house. However, while I was sitting there, a great lightbulb went off in my head and I was so excited to think about writing it all down on my Blog when I got home. The good news is that I made it home with my mental acuity intact and not driven mad by the fiendish snore. The bad news is that I totally forgot the 'great' idea. Oh well, that's Bloglife.

I am now working on 42 projects all at the same time. It is so rewarding to come to the end of the day and know that very little has been accomplished and I must wake up the next day to pick up where I had left off and hope that what I am working on will be finished before 2004; so that I could catch a little T.V. or maybe read a book, or possibly go down to the local Merchant and yell at them about what lousy service they have. If it wouldn't be for my eight glorious arms, I would probably never finish anything. So I am grateful for that.

No one was on the streets yesterday in the afternoon. They were all in front of the tube. I am not really a football fan, although I used to be. My T.V. was tuned to the Super Bowl on Sunday, but I was not watching it. Surprise of surprises is that Luigi was watching it. He allegedly hates football. So what does that mean??? The annual Super Bowl was such an incredibly exciting game, that a football hater just had to watch it?

May the Work Weenie always be with you. ( It isn't fair that I keep him all to myself.)

posted by Peach | Monday, January 27, 2003

Monday, January 13, 2003

Well Peach, Are You Gonna Update before the End of this Year??!
I am getting comments about my tardiness to post. I have a million things to post about and so little time to do it in. I feel like putting an ad in the throwaways for a virtual writing idiot who can think what I am thinking simultaneously and post immediately to my Blog no matter where I am. Someone already replied named Shakeit who has the mind of a bird and really thought it could work.

My nonsense follows my wonderful cold I had this week-end which prevented me from attending a fellow friend Blogger's party. But seriously, so much fun I had this Saturday and Sunday, instead, cleaning out the Linen shelves so that there would be more room to put Luigi's stuff away. I also got to clean up Zeenie and Sammie's(my cats) hairball and other messes(cleaning goop off the carpet is one of my favorite pastimes. I do it all the time).......why should I attend a party anyway when there are so many more exciting things to do around the Peach household.

I promise to post again . I have much to say about Mexico City......but perhaps I'll be in a variant mood and leave some other dribble. You know how blogging is. It's a matter of what 'hits you at the moment' as you sit down to play with the keyboard.(love it!)

I will be back. In the meantime will someone be so kind as to tell me why the font changed just before my January 1st Post and then changed back again? I like the posts that changed. Now it's back to the old one which I don't like that much. I really didn't do anything to the template except to add the html code to my post for the photo. Nothing was done but that, and it changed the other posts from before that post. I'm sure you can see the difference.

Happy Birthday Moxie! Sorry I couldn't make it to your celebration.


posted by Peach | Monday, January 13, 2003

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Happy New Year!
I wish all of you a very wonderful and happy 2003. This Blog will be closed until January 7 while it's creator is in Mexico City exploring and attending a wedding. My New Year's resolutions are quite clear for this Blog. Hopefully it will be under construction soon and a new 'Swan' shall emerge. Anyone with any bright ideas, please do leave a comment. I am very open to suggestions.

All the best....Happy 2003 and 'see' you all when I return.

Hasta La Vista,

posted by Peach | Wednesday, January 01, 2003
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