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Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Time Clock Ticking on Your Skin ?

I spent all day at a Continuing Education class. I arrived 10 minutes late and I was told my class moved to room 107. So I meandered through the maze of hallways and finally found the classroom. I sat down next to my Dad . He told me at the break that everyone went to the wrong class and if it hadn't been for that attractive woman over there he would have stayed in the wrong class. After the break I looked over to my right where she was sitting. She really was a beautiful woman. But what was so astonishing is that she was probably in her 50's. Now this is a woman that you would have turned around and taken notice of, and that men would have been drawn to, she was that good looking. It is an oxymoron, considering the kind of beauty standards we have in our culture. Namely that old and beautiful do not go together. I still think it is probably a lot harder for a woman to grow older than it is for a man. Think about it. A man's lines and wrinkles just seem to add to an attractive older man's ruggedness. There are procedures women may choose as an option to delay the inevitible: becoming invisible. I had to laugh, the other day when a friend of mine and I were talking about implants. What would some of these women look like at 70? Everything falling down and deteriorating except for their breasts, sticking out firm and supple as though they were that something we are going to see in the next 20- 30-40 years? that weird or what?

I pulled out a couple of grey hairs and my Mom was horrified that I would pull out hair. I am the only one I know that does not color my hair. I am not going to do it until my hair actually does turn grey. I like my hair color. Most people I know in their 20's 30's and 40's all color their hair. I seem to be a dinosaur. My friend told me to 'get with it girl'. Growing old gracefully will probably be difficult for a lot of us. I try to imagine how a Victoria's Secret model would react in about 30 years from now. Would she look at old pictures of herself and stare in the mirror and sob? It's easy to say you won't have a problem with age if you never have really been there.

If there is something else you can look forward to, and to arrange your life to be fulfulliing in other ways,perhaps the getting older part will not mean so much. I for one, hope to have most of my brain cells intact so that I can read, and carry on interesting discourse with friends and still see all the wonder that is around me. There are some women, well known, who for the most part made their lives rewarding and meaningful and may not have had a problem with growing old gracefully. Most of the following women made some kind of contribution besides being so ethereally beautiful:

1.Grace Kelly
2. Audrey Hepburn
3. Hedy Lamarr
4.Vivien Leigh(The first time I saw Gone with the Wind I wanted to look like her)
5.Elizabeth Taylor
6. Julie Christie

The rest of these women I think are also beautiful: ( not in any specific order)
1. Charlize Theron
2. Madeleine Stowe
4. Kim Basinger
5.Ashley Judd
6. Nicole Kidman
7. Daniella(Victoria's Secret)
8. Audrey Tatou(Amelie)
9. Cameron Diaz
10. Halle Berry
11. Gail Russell(40's Star)
12. Natalie Wood
13. Selma Hayak
14. Elizabeth Hurley(Luigi Likes her)
15. Isabelle Adjani

There has to be a Guy's Column too!---These are my favorites:(no specific order either)

1. Johnny Depp
2. Michael Schoeffling
3. Harrison Ford(circa 80's)
4. Antonio Banderas
5.Liam Neeson
6. Sean Connery(James Bond)
7.AL PACINO!(Godfather and his early movies --but still like him)
8.Guy Madison(Awesome! saw his picture in a Book of old male movie stars in Barnes & Noble)
9. Burt Lancaster(young)
10.Clark Gable(young)
11.Gregory Peck(especially BIg Country--one of my favorite Westerns)
12.Jeff Fahey(never made it big--Lawn Mower Man)
13. Pierce Brosnan
14. Jeff Bridges
15. Denzel Washington..........
and of course
16. Luigi Mascarpone

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder , as I recall ,so most of you, I'm sure have your own lists.


posted by Peach | Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Friday, October 25, 2002


Last night I was on the freeway headed for Downtown and the Music Center to see Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk(the first 's' is silent). It's about a murderous, scheming woman who kills her husband and father-in-law, and has her cake and sex too, until the end. I love Opera anyway...(you don't have to get me to an opera just because there is sex in it)point me in the direction of Puccini, Mozart, Bizet and especially Verdi and I'm on my way. However I had not seen an opera as visually graphic as this one. There was some pretty heavy sex simulation in a couple of scenes. Once behind a diaphonous red curtain (the Lover, Sergei looked a bit comical to me because he was going at it like a jackrabbit, 20million times a second) and the second inside a barrel with the poor sex harrassed cook and a laborer. The music is by Shostakovich. Name sound familiar? I have heard his work before but not this particular Opera. The music was great and I enjoyed the entire production which is Russian; straight from the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg. A great experience, despite a little problem I had, brought on by my stupidity.

I arrived at our secret free place to park(Luigi discovered it) and parked behind Luigi's car as he had arrived earlier from work. I was running late and arrived at Dorothy Chandler Pavillion about ten minutes before Cutain time. I had been rushed all day and had not eaten anything since breakfast, except for some peanuts at 4:00 P.M. I was starving, but the first act,although long, kept me riveted . As soon as the curtain came down I told Luigi where I was going and rushed out. I went to every bar and coffee stand on all three floors. "All the sandwiches sold out already" they told me. Finally I found one place where a plastic package of 4 of the teeniest wraps( tortilla wraps) I had ever seen were 'the last one'. I'll take it I said, giving her the five bucks and hurrying to find a spot to sit down. I hurriedly took out my retainers(what a pain, trying to hide this manuever from prying eyes) I bit into the first bird-sized wrap. The most disgusting taste settled on my tongue. Bleech! I took the residue from my mouth with a napkin. I ran back and told the bartender that the sandwich had been sitting out too long and my wrap was rancid. She returned my $5 immediately. By this time I was starting to feel weird and panicky, I was getting hypoglycemic. How idiotic of me to come to a 3 1/2 hour opera with no food in my stomach!
I ran downstairs and asked the attendant at the front door if there was anywhere I could get some food. Negative. Was the restaurant open below the Music Center Complex I wanted to know. He seemed to think so. I ran downstairs and into the establishment of Otto's Bar and Grill. It was empty except for a couple at the Bar. Is the Bartender around ? I asked, rushing up to them like a refugee in desperation. He's coming right back I paced around at the Bar like a moron. I had eaten there once before at the Bar where they had quickie appetizers and such. When he came back out I pounced on him. He assured me he could get some soup for me instantly. Please bring bread! I shouted after him. He brought me a bowl of soup that was so spicy I practically gagged on it. This is way too hot! He assured me the other soup would be hot too. That was not what I meant I tried to explain to him. Four more people walked into the Bar. He said he had to get someone else to help him. He called another bartender from across the restaurant. By this time I was about ready to crunch on the Bar. The other Bartender ran in the kitchen to get me some Butternut Squash Soup. I inhaled it and stuffed many slices of wonderful bread and butter into my mouth.
I also forgot to put my watch on that day so I had no idea what time it was. After I paid, I ran out of there and back to the Music Center. The attendant at the front door told me they hadn't started yet but the whole bottom floor was empty. Rather than trust the elevator I did an Olympic run up 3 flights of red carpeted stairs. Not great after eating a huge bowl of soup and bread. I reached the Loge just as they were closing the inside doors. I found my way down to my row , totally out of breath. Luigi was waiting in the aisle. Where were you!? I followed him to our seats as the houselights came down. As I passed the nice couple on the aisle , standing to let us through and whom I had spoken to earlier , I whispered, What an adventure! I settled in, out of breath but full of food, to watch the rest of Katerina's escapades. But I wondered if the couple I had just spoken to would have laughed if they had known my hypoglycemia was the adventure I spoke of. Katerina's corrupt life was much more fascinating and we all were pretty transfixed once the curtain rose again.


posted by Peach | Friday, October 25, 2002

Monday, October 21, 2002

This is from an earlier archive in June......about the night sky and nature and special connections we have with those we love............

La Luna

Wow...........Double Wow!! This evening,around 9:30 p.m., I was rounding the transition ramp to the 405 Freeway and came upon an incredible vision. Incredible because I had never seen the night sky so clear in the middle of the city. Heading north and looking out toward the Western sky to my left was one of the most beautiful Crescent moons I had ever seen. It was a perfect slice of glistening silver in a sky so cloudless and pure that the shadowed part of the face was observed as clearly defined as a full moon. The gleam of that sliver of moon was perfectly framed by a large bright white star to the top left and an equally shiny but smaller star punctuating the bottom left arc of the Crescent. As I was heading North on the freeway I kept staring at this vision and being aware that my driver concentration was being compromised and the sound of my wheels running over the lane bumps brought me back and forth to my driver responsibility. I just couldn't help it . What happened to all that dirty 'orange' L.A.crap that hangs out day and night in the air like a blurry, dirty dishwater haze? With that kind of atmosphere it's rare out here to see many clear nights unless you go all the way out to Palmdale( which is just what stargazers and eclipse watchers do.) The only other reason for the heavenly clarity is a strong breeze from the ocean that carries itself, sometimes, on an inland mission. That is exactly what happened this evening and the likes of which may not show up til the next century.

I called Luigi, as soon as I got home. He was attending a conference in Monterey.
"Did you see the moon tonight?!"
"Yes. It is so much more beautiful up here."
"But it was outstanding down here too. A wind came up and blew the haze away and the sky is perfect."
"It is so incredible up here. I went into Carmel. It is so beautiful and very European. I've never seen a town like this yet in this country."
"Did you go on the 17 Mile Drive?"
" Awesome. Have you seen those Cypress trees? They were almost extinct when Cabrillo first landed here. The people that followed liked them so much that they were planted all around this area and are all the way down to Big Sur now."
"I'm sorry I couldn't make it up there with you."
"Yes , you should have come along. When we do come up here again I'll show you that famous Cypress tree we saw in that movie "Vertigo". Remember that videotape you bought? There's a fence there now so you can't walk up to it any more."
" I should've come with you."

Famous last words. As I sit here alone with my lunar crazed brain, I sign off for the night.

"Au clair de La Lune, mon ami Pierrot.
Prete-moi ta plume, pour ecrire un mot."


posted by Peach | Monday, October 21, 2002

Friday, October 18, 2002

The Genetic Engineering of the High in Flying

The world is changing all the time. Lately Tourism is up in the country with no Terrorism at the moment, but could be down tomorrow at the click of a Time Bomb. I had always wanted to go to Bali and the rest of Indonesia. Doesn't look like a safe idea at the moment. There are about 114 Australians that are still missing who were vacationing in Bali. Many places in Africa are also reeling from war and government upheavals and guns and bombs. I had also wanted to go to Africa. It has been on my Travel list since I graduated from College. I have been very fortunate that I have already seen much of the World already. Just before I graduated, my girlfiend, Jane, talked me into going on a Airline Flight Attendant interview with her. At the time I could not figure out why someone who was college educated would want to be a waitress.

But I was in for a very pleasant surprise because I was hired and had about the most incredible few years of my entire life. I was based in London and later on in L.A. Because I had conversational knowledge of another language I was able to bid for the most incredible trips and layovers. I have been to Tahiti,Tokyo,Hong Kong,Thailand, Europe, Scandinavia,Sydney,New Guinea, Samoa, Hawaii,Iran, Israel,Greece, Lebanon, New Delhi,Argentina,Venezuela, Panama,Brazil.....and so on...... I really now believe, that in spite of the way the World has been changing and moving in very dangerous directions, there is still an incredible planet out there to discover and people are still going to want to venture out and explore. Many 'secret' and uninhabited parts of the world are no longer a mystery nor are they as serene or isolated as they once were. Even in the last few years, places like the Galapagos Islands ,which were pretty remote to most of the world only ten years ago, are now a regular tourist stop for some special Vacation and Tourist companies and organizations. It doesn't really matter as long as there are restrictions(which there are ) in preserving these wild and remarkebly sublime areas of nature. I think that anyone who is very young with College ending or even a little bit of school or business behind them, with no attachments, should take advantage of the beautiful world outside of the USA. Getting up'close and personal' in Foreign countries is even better by Train( i.e.Eurailpass) or backpacking ,cycling or even walking. I did a little of that too.

The nice thing about flying around is that I really loved the 'flying' part. Maybe I should have been a pilot like my brother. I 'discovered' airplanes when I was 15, when my Dad took me and my sister and brother to San Diego for the week-end. It was the first time I had ever been on an airplane. The only memory that seems permanently imprinted on my grey matter is the feeling of that first take-off.
As the plane picked up speed and seemingly raced to the end of the runway, I was staring out the window with my mouth hanging open and thinking how extraordinary that sensation of speed felt; and the lifting off and the pulling away from gravity-heavy earth. My juvenile mind only thought of how awesome it all was, and how it was so much better than a Roller Coaster! Airplanes are still 'awesome' to me, and the excitement and enthusiasm I felt about flying when I was working as that 'flying waitress', always carried over to my passengers. I would love to point out places , especially in L.A., that I knew so well, when we were on final approach. "Oh , look over there, there's the Santa Monica Mountains......hey there's Downtown L.A.!"

That incredible sensation of speeding and the feeling of 'lifting' at take-off stayed with me long after I had quit. It is difficult to describe that 'feeling', but it remained with me after I left the Airlines and the 'grounding' was felt physically. I don't think I have ever lost my travel bug either or all the wonderful 'color slides' that I have both in my drawer at home and in my head. You're going to laugh but I believe it's true when I say it's in my genes. My Dad wanted to be a pilot(but didn't and that's another story anyway.), my bother and first cousin are both Captains of Airlines(he married a Flight attendant and so did my brother). And I became a Flight Attendant although I am a pilot wannabe. That 'fun' feeling of liking flying(take-offs) has to be genetic! ( I think I saw something on Discovery channel about the genetic thing behind people jumping out of I won't do that!!)

After 9/11 I was a little plane shy like most everyone else. But I finally got up there this summer traveling to Toronto and then to New York. I still do like airplanes, despite everything, and I am the only woman I know that like's war films with airplanes in them!!

p.s.Has anyone ever heard of a film called "The High and the Mighty"? It's not on the IMDB.

Enetation (Comments) is down again. Have patience. Maybe when you come back I'll have HaloScan.

posted by Peach | Friday, October 18, 2002

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Change of Fruit

This Blog will be undergoing a change to a new Design and new name. However I'm not sure exactly when,(That's the problem) and it depends on If I can convince Luigi to stay home one whole day to help me with it. But If I want to do cool things with my Blog everyday I'm going to have to learn it myself. Luigi is not going to want to be my little Blog enhancement robot to be at my beck and call everytime I need something done. He did put the photo up for me. But I would like to be able to manage that myself so that I can have a gallery of my photos or at least be able to change the front photo whenever I want to. The new name will be DianaBanana( I put a copyright on it). If you don't like it, please let the 'menu planner' know.

The last entry has created some talk about the eating habits of Americans. I saw two women on the golf course which I passed on my way to Samy's Camera(on Fairfax) Saturday afternoon. Both of them were, to be on the 'nice ' side, fat. Golf is ok if you're fat as long as you are into some other more challenging aerobic activities. "O.K Peach", you are saying, "how fat are YOU?" Well I just looked at that picture a little closer and it does look like I am a little 'saftig'. Well, first of all, sometimes you photogragh about 10 pounds heavier then you really are. I guess it's the position I'm in. But I weigh 129 pounds(usually 127-130 tops) and am a little over 5'7". I guess I'll have to get another photo. Luigi was getting tired or I would have put another one of me in front of the U.N. But hey, this is not meant to be an Ego Blog anyway.

The eating habits of Americans are unhealthy to say the least. It is the lack of discipline and the worshipping and believing in commercial claims that do them in. For instance; apparantly some people believe that if they eat or drink something nonfat they will not get obese. Have you ever stopped to wonder why people order non-fat foam with their Espresso and order along with it a nice gooey cinnamon Bun? What about a Diet Pepsi with an order of a Big Mac and Double Fries to go? When you ask for a Small soda, you actually receive one that looks like a Large. And if you order the extra large orGrande you can use the empty container to haul away the contents of your pick-up truck! What is it with the soda? It is probably one of the most unhealthy drinks out there. I love the carbonated mineral water they sell at Trader Joe's. It's called Gerolsteiner and I like it better than Pellegrino. You can add Lemonade or orange Juice or just about any other Juice and it really tastes, I think, better than ordinary sodas. I just don't know where I would be without Trader Joe's . I buy just about all my food there. Hey, for a great Breakfast, try this. A receipe from a Personal Trainer friend of mine. Separate out 3-4 egg whites, and beat it together with 3 Tblsp. of oatmeal flakes, 1 tblsp. of Buckwheat flour and a dash of cinnamon( add a drop of soy milk if it is too dry) and heat it on a griddle or frying pan (non-stick is preferable) with a little Canola Oil, until brown and you have one hell of a pancake. I love it. Especially when I want to get away from eggs or the same old cereal. I like it with banana slices or peaches or apple sauce. Or even a little apricot fruit spread. (I'm getting hungry). Anyway I think that many people think they have to starve themselves to not get fat and that simply isn't true.

I find it truly amazing that I walk around most of the day with half a million ideas in my head, overworking my synapses........not to mention the minutes wasted in the shower while I carry on a 'Seminar' and entertain ideas for the Blog. The problem with Blogging is that you have to get to the computer almost immediately or you lose it! And I can never get there right away. Yesterday I saw two scary programs on (Discovery Channel, I think) One was about the pilfering of uranium in Russia and how it finds its way through many borders and ends up in places like Pakistan and Iraq. The most frightening part of the program was the realizaton of who could get atheir hands on materials for Neutron Bombs.
The other 'scary' program was about that guy in Mesa, Az(Bob Stewart?) who was illegally making 50 caliber rifles and selling them out of his garage.(Damn! Pardon my French but those things can shoot through thick metal and probably blow your body parts to Kingdom Come from a mile away! Gee,Lord, I only need a handgun to protect myself; but what if one of those men with 50 Caliber Rifles don't like me!) Then they showed that Militia Group,(that Timothy McVey supossedly attended) from Michigan.

Well It's getting late......will have to do the 'Gun Control' issue tomorrow.

Your Friend,

posted by Peach | Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

It's O.K to Masticate

Hey, it's alright to get a little crazy at 12:00 midnight. It's been so long since I have blogged that I forgot how.......well I take that back...Blogging is sort of like brushing your teeth.

New York was really an incredible experience. I had made some observations, like I didn't see any obese people, possibly because everybody walks. The other reason for lack of obesity is that you don't find Burger King or McDonald's on every corner. Americans just don't realize Fast Food on a regular basis puts on waist pollution, big time. Instead of the greasy fare, on almost every corner, there's usually a combo drug store/minimarket with these amazing salad bars......See, if you had those kind of choices of healthy AND delicious foods everywhere you wouldn't get fat.

On the eve of this ongoing, impending war decision debacle I'm really not in my political mode mood right now. So the Mid East and Ann Coulter will have to wait. Besides I need to get some sleep. No more of this 2:00a.m. Blogging for me.

If you're fat, after reading this entry, and you have to send me hate be it.

Buenas Noches

posted by Peach | Wednesday, October 09, 2002
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