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Saturday, September 21, 2002

'Kinky' in New York

I'm sitting her at Kinkos writing on my Blog. The only time I seemed to capture for myself is when I am away from home! I feel a little flustered because this is going at the rate of 30 cents a minute. I'll just try not to make mistakes and forget about editing.

The airport seemed a bit surreal at LAX yesterday . Everything was seemingly efficient and coldly regulated. Many people were stopped by screeners and 'swiped' by that laser wand. One woman lifted up her shirt to reveal a belly ring. I was surprised that a piece of jewelry would touch off the indicator. I can't see why she was raising her shirt for any other reason. We got on the plane headed for JFK and I was pleasantly surprised to see we were on a 767 with two aisles and a lot of leg space. When we sat down I told Luigi I hadn't been on this aircraft before. He told me that the American Airlines Aircraft we were on was the same one that hit the Twin Towers. For a few minutes I didn't speak at all. I tried not to but my eyes got misty and a silent meditation begun. I kept thinking about the images of the speeding plane racing toward the tower and the huge cloud of smoke that rose into the air. After over a year those images will not go away.

On the bus ride into the city, a really nice guy took our bags and I thought put them into the luggage hold. But I wasn't paying attention because he distracted us by being very friendly. "Going into the city? Is that your wife? You have a very beautiful wife." As I sat in my seat and the bus drove off, I told Luigi that I thought that guy was too friendly and too liberal with the compliments. Nobody is friendly in New York. Right? I became paranoid and at the next stop asked the driver about our bags. He opened the hold and they were definitely there. " I guess he just wants to make sure that he gets his tip", I told Luigi.

We finally got to the Hotel at about 9:00 p.m. Luigi was tired and wanted to rest. He was fighting off a cold and this was suppose to be his annual vacation. Later on we cruised the sidewalks. We were at a great location---54th and Broadway, right across from "The David Letterman Show" and close to just about everything in Midtown Manhattan. After an uneventful meal at a singing server Diner and "I Love Lucy" on the big screen, we headed toward Central Park. At Rockefeller Center there was a small crowd of people posing for a picture, laughing and speaking in a foreign language. As we got closer we realized where they were from. Luigi started conversing with one of them in Italian. They were very warm and congratulated us on our recent marriage. Luigi said they were all there for a Memorial the next day at Gound Zero for three Italians who had died in the Towers. The Priest from their community was also there. I was trying to figure out where the heck they put the Ice Skating Rink at Rockefeller Center but I never stopped to ask anyone. Maybe I'll find out later.

I told Luigi I would meet him back at the hotel about now, so I'm going to cease typing and hope to be back at Kinkos soon. The time that I had between the two times I was out of town was extremely busy. Hope that I can stay a regular at my own Blog in the future. I am definitely getting a I can take my Blog anywhere.........

See ya,

posted by Peach | Saturday, September 21, 2002
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