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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Blog Holiday
This Blog will be on vacation until September 4th. Please feel free to leave comments for the previous 2 or 3 entries as the Comment section is finally up and running again! Any comments on the James Carville/Ann Coulter 'comparison'? (Weekend Strategies). Great Stuff Dave!

Anyway I'll blog to you again when I return.

Have a great Holiday,

posted by Peach | Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Friday, August 23, 2002

Friday Frustration
All curiosity roads lead to the Internet. The time you waste may be your own. Beware of 'clockmovers', there is no reality to 'clockstoppers'. If your fingers have been tapping on the keyboard and your hand has become a permanent arch on your mouse, have you turned around to see that the clock has somehow manged to get to 2:00a.m.? But for me the time is not wasted; the time I have invested has been an education; for someone who knew zero about the care and feeding of websites less than five months ago. It is always a challenge, and a frustration. Because despite everything, I still am not a techie. So patience is my mentor and I must remember that. In time my Blog will change in direct proportion to my knowledge. Yes I feel guilty because my work has been neglected. No work equals less money. This balancing act is difficult because I don't want to be a sometime contributor to my blog. I'll just have to hone and tinker with my schedule to make it better. A schedule whereby I can get the blogging, Blog hopping and my work all in and still get to bed before midnight. That would be so cool! To accomplish my primary and have my Blog cake and eat it too!

Please be patient, the comments are still (up and) down. Please keep checking back !


posted by Peach | Friday, August 23, 2002

Thursday, August 22, 2002

Sex in the Cathedral and other Matters
Three people were arrested for desecrating St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City. Apparently there was a local radio program sponsoring a contest for couples who were adventurous and were 'greedy' enough for getting the highest number of premium points. The couple was to inform the radio station what sexual stunt in a public place they would perform, and the one who could be the most outragous would acquire the most points. One couple called in to inform the radio station that they were going to have sex in St Patrick's. The broadcaster followed them there, and in the middle of a very important Mass, the radio D.J. proceeded to broadcast the 'plays' as if he were commenting on a live Football Game. Another scenario of Life imitating Art. I have seen almost the same episode in an old Woody Allen film. All of them were arrested for lewd conduct. William Buckley Jr- states in this article that the couple had been only a few yards from where the much revered Bishop Sheen used to conduct Masses. Besides the desecration, this is another example of total disrespect for a place that is holy and meant for meditation and a connection with spirituality. Well, there are many 'children adults' out there who haven't got a clue.

Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has lost the primary. There has been much controversy over the funding of her campaign as a majority of it was financed by individuals of Muslim organizations. There also has been debate as to whether these individuals had any connection to terrorism. As the Aipac(Support Israel) lobby is so powerful in Washington and donates milllions, it is safe to assume that some Arab Americans do not sit well with this. Another reason for implicating Jews as usual as a scapegoat. Well that's exactly what Cynthia's father was propagating.
When asked why he thought his daughter's campaign failed he exclaimed:It's because of theJ.E.W.S! Well Mr. McKinney, if you keep this outrageous stupidity up, you are definitely contributing to more hatred of the Jews by Blacks. Besides being a total lie your encouragement of Rascism will only dampen your daughter's future prospects worse than they already are. She will lose Jewish Democrats as well. What I find so inane is that the truth is, that Jews have a persecution commonality with African Americans. Many were long time supporters of the Civil Rights Movement and were killed for their support of and standing alongside their Black brothers. MUSH to you Mr. McKinney!!


posted by Peach | Thursday, August 22, 2002

Sunday, August 18, 2002

Weekend Strategies
Luigi gave me three options for what movie we were going to see in the last minute Saturday Night. He got his info from the L.A. Weekly. We can see Merci pour La Chocolat, or an Italian movie about unfaithful husbands or the one with Jennifer Anniston. We were running very late so basically the choice was made for us. The closest theater was the French movie. I scarfed down some cold chicken and avocado, brushed my teeth and raced down to my car. ( wonderful on a full stomach)

We arrived on time. Luigi got to the ticket window and fished around in his wallet for the Lammele passes. He was fishing around so long the ticket guy said he was going to take the next person and the next . He didn't find the passes so he shelled out $9.00 apiece for the movie. We don't go that often and usually we have some kind of passes from Luigi's employee benefits. I swear, paying $9.00 for a movie is outrageous. Especially if you don't like the movie.

The movie was kind of a mystery, but very slow and somewhat tedious. At some level, thinking back, it was also predictable. The only outstanding feature of the movie was the acting. Isabelle Huppert is usually always in top form. The other notable was the young actress who played the 18 year old daughter. She looked like a young Ava Gardner. The story is about a wierd, female C.E.O of a chocolate company in Switzerland who is spiking her young stepson's hot cocoa with a sleeping drug. And about a girl who may really be the daughter in that family and not the son as they may have been switched at birth. Get it? Enough tedium................the movie had potential but never quite lived up to the promise. I think in this case you really feel the $9.00 each. Ouch! The Italian movie or The Good Girl were probably better.

Sunday we went to Costco. We looked longingly at a Panasonic flat screen, beautiful resolution, 32 or 37 inch T.V. for $1500. Maybe next time. (A lot of next times) I usually hang out for a long time in the book, and DVD section. I was looking at a photograhy retrospective of L.A. then and now, when I noticed Luigi had picked up a copy of Slander by Ann Coulter.(Oh no....not her again!) "I thought you didn't like her?" Luigi assured me that in fact he did not. He was just curious about what she had to say. So was I, so I began to skim through it but managed to end up on the first page. The end of the second paragraph read something like this: It's all the Liberals fault. Please, what kind of factual gathering is that? Making generalizations like that ain't kosher in scholarly pursuits. You know I always said she was attractive and that was why the Republican Males liked her and for nothing else. (They have absolutely told me in my comment section that it helps, but that it is for her wonderous enlightening writing and her many honors as well) But I must say when I saw her picture, she looked very ordinary to me. There are so many women out there, celebrity or not, who make her look so plain in comparison. Luigi said he thought she was ugly. He said that if he saw her 'au naturel' he would then decide her worthiness. "What the hell does that mean?" I said. "Well, there's nothing else about her that's worthy, so that's the only thing left." Well those are Luigi's unique thoughts. But I was surprised becuase Luigi is a Gentleman and it sounded so raw. But then again he must really dislike Ann Coulter for speaking like that. I told him someone had said that JFK Jr. had stated that she was one of the 20 most fascinating women in politics. Luigi repled:" that's probably because he slept with her."...........Well enough of Ann Coulter bashing( I don't feel guilty.....she does it to us liberals as clearly stated above)

I was happy over at the DVD's, picking up about 10 of them and showing them to Luigi. I was only going home with one and decided on Sunny Dayz a film about surfing with Sunny Garcia, the world surfing champion. I love surf movies. Luigi wheeled the cart up to the long lines at the registers. "What's that?" I asked picking up two video games. Hmmmm.........Blow up the Aliens and Kill the Green Army. Heck, I don't remember the real names of the Video Games but the content probably matches those names well anyway. I told him no more of that and said that I wouldn't even get the DVD. I cheated though, because I hid the DVD behind my back and didn't let it materialize until we got to the check- out stand. He was not too happy about it. But I told him he didn't need those stupid video games anyway. I was elated to have my surf film . I'll admit that was a very juvenile trick to pull. But hey, there's always next time.

Word to the wise, don't see Merci Pour La Chocolat. If you have any comments about The Good Girl or any recent film, let me know. Anyone see Possession this week-end?

p.s. For some reason Enetation (Comment Section) is down tonight. I hope it will be up again tomorrow. Please e-mail me if the comments are still out when you read this.


posted by Peach | Sunday, August 18, 2002

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Blogger Con 2002 and Surf Culture in Laguna Beach CA
Sunday we headed down to Laguna Beach to meet up with some fellow Blog Geeks for a 'BloggerCon' dinner meeting arranged by KMRZoom,Kevin of Dilittante fame. I have been a 'regular' at his green martini Blog for a few months now, and I was looking forward to meeting him and all the others who frequented his website and stayed to leave comments. We had spent the entire afternoon traipsing through the Laguna Art Festivals(Festival of the Arts), strolling and taking in all that Laguna had to offer in as much time as we could before our 5:00 meeting time.

Around 4:00 or so we headed over to the Laguna Beach Art Museum.......very convienent as it was right next to Las Brisas. Luigi changed his mind about going into the Exhibits when he learned it was a special exhibit called "Surf Culture". He's not from California and could care less about surfing and said after looking through the Museum Book Store, he would meet me over at Las Brisas at the appointed time. I could not let this exhibit pass me by. After all I am from Southern California and grew up with surfing all around me. Hailing from Santa Monica and living very close to the coast my whole life, I had always either had boyfriends or friends who surfed; and saw many of the new and old Surf documetaries that I managed to find playing in some museums, art houses or colleges. With all this fascination with surfing, I now wonder why I never learned how to do it.
The museum docent who took my ticket told me the exhibit would probably take about an hour and was on three levels. She never told me which level was to be viewed first. So I ended up doing it backwards by viewing the first floor first which seemed the logical thing to do.

Most of the exhibit was a display of old and new surfboards;how they were made, video documentaries and 'surf art'. There were pictures of Andy Warhol and Orson Welles.( Don't ask... I'm not sure why they were there except Andy Warhol was invloved with California Art Culture in the 60's). I really found most of it very interesting;especially the surf video documentaries which I spent the most time on. I always marvel at the size of those monster waves and comparative small figures of surfers trying to navigate them. It is not only a sport in my definiton, but a true art form. All athletes have a certain style and grace that is fascinating to watch and I find that so relative in watching surfers do their stuff. They make the gliding through the water seem so effortless as though they could do it in their sleep. A Huge wave starts forming and lifting to 15 or even 20 feet. The white foam starts curling at the top of the wave as it starts breaking toward shore. The surfer positions his board right below the crest and seems to glide through the center of the wall of water, almost sometimes, seemingly defying gravity. He becomes one with his surfboard as he rides the white tipped wave, always just ahead of the breaking crest moving toward the beach. Have you ever seen a film or photograph of a surfer who actually gets right underneath the curl of the wave so that he is inside the 'tunnel' ?(the space inside the top part of the wave as it curls over and touches the water) It is truly an incredibly awesome sight. If he manages to 'hang' all his toes over the point edge of his board you could say: "Hang 10 Dude!"

One of the most interesting and disturbing of the exhibits was a display of moving mannikins dressed in Hawaiian Hula dress. There were about 25 or 30 of these Hula Girls with mechanized torsos that would move and sway their hips to the music. When you first walk in, you would think it was just a bunch of life-size moving hula dolls. As you got closer you realize that they are all holding weapons . Most of them are automatic weapons used in war. Some were holding knives. I looked closer at their faces. It gave me an erie sensation to look at them, because it looked as though they were staring right back at me,and they had strange and very disturbing expressions on their faces. They were Asian women and I believe they were Vietnamese. That's how it appeared. As I walked around the entire exhibit to the other side I was confronted with some of the women who looked like they had gone through some war themselves. One of the 'moving mannikins' had a very realistic black eye, swollen and purple. Another moving hula girl had her face hidden behind messy and tousled hair as though she had been in a fight. There was no explanation for the exhibit, only the name of the artist which I have forgotton. This particular 'art display' was a bit unnerving and I'm not sure exactly what he was trying to say. Anti-war maybe, but with hula women?

Going downstairs was actually where the first part of the exhibit began, displaying the history of surfing;from 19th Century Sandwich Islands native surfers to Duke Kahanamoku(sp),to modern day surfers. I finished "Surf Culture" just before 5:00 and left to meet everyone at Las Brisas.

As I was walking over there, I thought maybe I was a bit too casual in my knee short capris and sleeveless t-shirt and no make-up.( I don't wear makeup on week-ends. Because the rest of the week I have to look professional with suits and pantyhose and make-up. And it's so nice to feel 'free'on week-ends)) I brought a change of clothes but it was in the car. Luigi was waiting outside and I pretended to pick him up. We walked inside and almost recognized Kevin right away from his Blog photo. He was dressed very nicely in a red silk shirt and levis. As a woman I don't like being mistakenly overdressed or underdressed but Kevin assured me it was o.k. He had to give up the table by the window with the beautiful view of the ocean, becuase that table had been reserved for eight people. It turned out that we were the only ones who showed up. But we were still given a great table, just for the three of us. Kevin was a great host and we really enjoyed having dinner with him. I just felt badly that he had gone through all the efforts of getting this together and then no one showing up . One of my other Blog friends in Tennessee said a similar thing happened at their Blog Meetup. Well, whoever told me there are only flaky people in California is wrong. It exists all over.

Hope you don't run into any freaky hula mannikins out there,

posted by Peach | Wednesday, August 07, 2002
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