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Saturday, July 20, 2002

International Blog Meetup Day in Santa Monica
Yesterday I headed on over to the Brittania Pub on Santa Monica Blvd., just steps away from the Promenade. I was on my way to meet other Bloggers for the International Meetup Day. An event that was happening all over the world in about 200 cities.

I had checked out a few websites from a few comments made to a specific Blog I visited. I was astounded to find out a lot of them were born around 1980. I kept thinking all the way from the parking structure that if all the bloggers turned out to be 21 or 22 I was going to turn around and leave and go for a walk on the Promenade, and forget about the Meetup altogether. As I walked in the door some people were hanging out at the bar and at the Pool Table. There was one table surrounded by early 20 something kids. Hmm...was that the Blogger Table? I thought better to make sure before exiting the Pub. So I walked over to the bar and asked one of the bartenders where the Meeting was. Up there he said, pointing to the stairs leading to the second floor. O.K. So that table by the entry door was not it. Walked up the stairs to find one table surrounded by lovely geeks of all ages! Wonderful news......I felt instantly at home. Introductions all around. The evening was a lot of fun and there was an instant camaraderie and a connected feeling of Blogger insights, talk and understandings and shared computer nonsense. It was really cool. I met some very interesting people. I didn't get a chance to talk to everyone, just a few. There was Joe (37) who was sitting next to me. I explained to him of my trepidation of coming to Meetup. He smiled and told me of a meeting he had gone to where someone had said to him,upon finding out his age,Man, you're old dude! Nice. Another Blogger was Judy who is a journalist for the L.A. Weekly.......great Newspaper that you can pick up just about anywhere. For the most part it has better reviews and editorials than the L.A. Times. Outstanding Movie Reviews and synopses of current movies. Just about any movie you want to see, from retrospectives to current blockbusters to museum flicks. Luigi and I always pick one up before going to see any film. I also had a chance to speak to Leonard ( he was 21 but I liked him any way! Hey, I just didn't want to be with only 21 year olds) He kept telling everyone he was a Janitor........Hey, man, those people are called Industrial Engineers He actually works at a University here in L.A. in the ISD. As a matter of fact Luigi knows him because he works there also and showed me an e-mail from him when I got home last night. Small world.
Andre got up to go to the john and everyone pounced on his digital camera. Ryan opened up his mouth wide and shot a picture of his uvula(sp).
Next someone took a picture of Joe's ear. I didn't know it was Andre's purloined camera but I did so want to be part of the I stuck my tongue out at the lens. I wonder what Andre said when he arrived home to review his 'shots'? It will be interesting if he posts any of it. If he does you'll see a ghastly picture of Peach with her tongue hanging out. I also spoke with Chris who runs a blog about safer sex. He has tons of visitors and his blog is 'circulated' at many schools and organizations. He is around 35 but looks around 21. When he found out about my 21 phobia he told me he was 21.
The following is a list of attendees at the First International Blogger Meeetup Day in Santa Monica:

Judith Lewis
Chris Filkins
Ryan Gantz
Andre Torrez He has 2 Blogs Andre Torrez
Philip Fibiger
Stepahnie Losi
Martin Devon
Jonah Manning He also has 2 Blogs Jonah Manning
Leonard Lin
Joe Utsler

Well, I really hope I got everything right or I will probably hear it from them on my comments. All the names and Blogs were written on a paper napkin. I also forgot to ask if someone does not have a www in front of their URL do I put it there anyway?..........Sorry, remember I'm computer Illiterate. If the link doesn't work I'll have to come back and edit it........that of course will be when Blogger won't let me post again!!
Thanks to Joe who showed me that nifty trick on how to make links. I can't believe that button has been in my posting page the whole time and I didn't know what the heck it was.

Hope to hear from you guys soon. I will be visiting your Blogs. And for the rest of you don't miss the next Blogger Meetup in your Area! And now we return you to our regularly scheduled program.................The Adventures of Encrypto: Wonder Blogger Destroyer and his Dog Linux


posted by Peach | Saturday, July 20, 2002

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Blatant Spinning
What is it with Ann Coulter? And why on two different websites so far, have I found her 'presence'? She certainly isn't the brightest of jounalists and has written a tome which from what I understnd is Democrat Bashing and nothing else. I can understand if you're a male Republican that you find her cute. But hey, that's it! I am sure there are other worthy Republican women who deserve your accolades. Why doesn't anyone ever talk about Dubba's Mom.......Barbara Bush? Now there is a worthy human with good intentions. My nephew's elementary school was named after her. The school is in Texas so you know that the name is pretty uniformly accepted. My little nephew came home so enthralled because they had a mock election just before November of 2000. He told his Dad that they were so excited about voting for Bush at school and that he wanted to know when his Dad was going to vote. Not wanting to let poor Ryan down too hard he gracefully and gently told him that he was going to be voting for Gore. Oh horrors. Poor Ryan was devastated. I suppose that was the first time he found out his Dad was a Democrat. When You're surrounded by Republicans and you find out that your Dad is on the opposing team, it can be very traumatic for a seven year old.

Methinks I have gone off on a tangent. Ann Coulter trashes Democrats. There is nothing else in her repatoire that defines any arguments with true facts to back it up. If a Republican fouls, it is either not 'true' or there is some underlying excuse why an incident occurred.
When she is interviewed on camera she comes across as chatty and 'programmed'. I just don't get it why Republican Men praise her as though she was some kind of Pulitzer Prize genius. I can sit with the O'Reilly factor for a while and eventually agree with something he has said even though he really is a spinner. (Jeanne Garofolo really laid it into him when he interviewed her). I respect Bill Bennett because of his moral issues , I admire Bill Buckley for his erudite views. These people deserve my consideration. For the favored Ann who lights up the Republican Man's dream, I say it ain't Politics guys! Go ahead and prove to me what an awesome , scholarly , enlightened woman she really is. Or are you looking at her crossing and uncrossing her legs? ( Tee hee, that's what Doug Wiken has to say about what she CAN do. )
Show me a woman with long blond hair and nice legs and the content is FORGOTTON. Heck, do you think more people might revere Barbara Bush a tad more if she were young and had great gams? Puuh--lease! It is the Truth.

Gotta go. My dinner is calling me!

posted by Peach | Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Saturday, July 13, 2002

Music to my Ears
I love you Beethoven! I cannot describe the moving, swaying, romantic rousing that has sent my soul to the sky. Your playful and joyful notes bouncing all over existence in my small keyboard world..... I am so in awe of you. Why can I not go back in time so that I may go to the Premiere of your Ninth Symphony? It must have been exciting...your last concert. But now I am listening to your Second Symphony, which leaves me so transfixed, I am silent and dripping in awe. And now a moment later my head tosses from side to side, as I feel my long hair brushing against my shoulders in a warm, comforting and sensual awareness that I don't get as much anywhere as I do from music. The Second Symphony is so intense and gorgeous in a deep velvety and rythmic way that floats me up and over the world in dreams and calm ecstasy. I could have fallen in love with you.....Herr do such incredible things to my soul! I would have been yours at the touch of fingers on the piano...I would have been so easy to fall into any of your whims...That is how powerful the mixture of your precious notes scan in and out of my mind and ears and being. How much beauty can one human bring in to this planet and still have that same intensity it did over 200 years ago? No one should ever leave this world without knowing that exquisite state of purity, that rapture that you create ,that incredible, indescribable sensation that seems to capture all those little endorphins and make them swirl around in my body , seemingly forever. As your music plays it does seem to go on forever...........My daily stresses, my little nothing annoyances........there is nothing that can come between you and I , the music plays..........I wait for you .........I close my eyes, I feel my body floating over the waves of sound.........I want to stay here in the darkened room.......the playful notes return and now I am dancing with you down by the swiftly moving stream and the greenest meadow in the Weinerwald. When something or someone can move you down to your soul it has to be love. I cannot fathom living on this Earth without Beethoven, without any Classical music. With all that is going on , it is a necessity for me to lock away in this tight little world of my hypnotic state..........not wanting to come out....not now.........not for a long time.............My guest is still here and I intend on spending all night with him............ I want to await the sunrise with this same sense of musical rapture and pleasurable sensations........."Gute Nacht Mein Herr...Ich warte noch,einmal mer fur dich schon wieder morgen fruh "......................

Gute Nacht,

posted by Peach | Saturday, July 13, 2002

Thursday, July 11, 2002

Customer Service
Have you picked up the phone lately to call a business and heard these much anticipated words:
"Thank-you for Calling ACME Blow Torches. Your call is valuable to us. Please stay on the line and a customer service representative will be with you shortly." a wait of approximatly 2 minutes and then....
"Thank-you for holding. A customer service representative will be with you shortly. Thank-you for your patience."
two minutes of a Johann Strauss Waltz, or some 40's American Swing or maybe you might even hear Billy Idol(which wouldn't be so bad...heck I dance in my chair to White Wedding)
"Thank-you for holding. A customer service representative will be with you shortly. Thank-you for your patience."

Now after about 20 minutes of this, even Billy Idol couldn't make you feel any better. This kind of mania has been happening a lot to me lately. And the two most hated words in the English language for me now are'Customer Service'. I have been cool; I have been kind; I have maintained my dignity and integrity . But last Monday at the Post Office I totally lost it.

I will get to the Post Office fiasco. But I must inform you what else was going on in the last week or so. We rented a U-Haul Van to move stuff out of one apartment to move most of it to Storage. The next day we walked into the U-Haul Office at the designated pick-up time of 4:00 P.M. When Luigi was all finished with the forms, the woman (Michelle) behind the counter gave Luigi a very long receipt with a lot of printed info. It was a contract she said. As soon as he finished signing the receipt he noticed that the return time was 7:00A.M. the next day. "What is this? We have to turn the Van back at seven in the morning?!" "Yes" Michelle says sweetly. "That's when the next reservation comes in." We proceeded to explain to her that no one had told us we had to have it back by 7:00 when we made the reservation on the phone. A'slight' detail that a customer should know. It really was poor service, you see, but obviously Michelle didn't see the the common sense of it. In her little brain it did not occur to her that had we known about the time limit we would have called somewhere else. Eventually she told us to call her supervisor in the morning. When I got home I called back and told her that the whole thing was insane and that it was totally unfair to us. She finally agreed(no supervisor necessary apparantly) but insisted Luigi come back to sign a new contract. Oh great....we have so much time to kill, we would love to come back in this traffic to sign another contract.

I figured out the other day why there is so much widespread inefficiency and irresponsibility when it comes to---ug!---Customer Service. It's very simple. Most of these people are making minimum wage and have very little, if any, training. It just costs the businesses too much money to train when there is turnover constantly. And they don't ever fire anyone because of lawsuits.

Anyway on Monday afternoon I went to the Post Office(no minimum wage here) to find out what had happened to my overnight Express Letter I had mailed on Saturday. The office I sent it to never received it and Post Office Tracking Service claimed it had been delivered at 5:00A.M. in the morning? There was a very long line, so I asked the person in front of me to save my place and walked up to speak to one of the Postal Clerks.(Actually the same clerk who had helped me with the Express Mail on Saturday) I had been advised to give the tracking notice to someone to research in the back on their computer. I gave her the notice and she said something about someone would be checking it. I hung out at the counter for about 5 minutes. "Is someone going to take care of this?" I asked. She said someone would be with me 'shortly'(don't you just love that word?). I waited another 5 minutes. I asked her again. "Would it be better if I waited in line again?" . She caught someone's attention but the help wasn't for me. So I continued to wait at the counter as she had indicated to me not to go back in line. In the meantime a very irritated and angry s.o.b. in line starts yelling at me and telling me I am holding up the line and he is just trying to buy stamps and not Express Mail. I tried to explain I had only handed in my form and was waiting. I do not know whether he thought I cut in line to get an Express Package mailed or what. But he was so hostile and nasty to me , you would have thought I had gone over there and smacked his face. Time was moving and I wasn't! I was getting very peturbed at this woman and finally asked to see her supervisor........another ten minutes. By this time the line could have been around the block and been finished for all the time I was standing there. When theSupervisor finally made her entrance I explained that the postal clerk had written 2nd day instead of Overnight and that she had kept me waiting. You would assume that this was a simple matter but the Supervisor didn't get it. At some point I really did lose it and said in an angry voice that all I wanted was to have my package delivered on time and why did I spend $13.65 when I could have done the 2-day Priority Mail.
"Don't raise your voice to me" she said very calmly. I was so frustrated that I walked out of there even though I heard her mention to the clerk to refund my money. I had been waiting there for 45 minutes.
That week was not a good one for me. The cleaners lost my favorite pair of black capris and didn't have a clue as to why they were lost. People with minimum wage?..........nothing against it.........I just wish they had more responsibility and been taught better manners, no matter what they earn.


posted by Peach | Thursday, July 11, 2002

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Justin, This Bud's for You
The following is a quote from Writers.Com and ties in to the comment made by Justin to the "Brainless at 2:00A.M." entry to my Blog.

"Be a scribe! Your body will be sleek, your hand will be soft....You are one who sits grandly in your house;your servants answer speedily; beer is poured copiously; all who see you rejoice in good cheer. Happy is the heart of him who writes; he is young each day."
-Ptahotpe, c. 2350 B.C.

posted by Peach | Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Sunday, July 07, 2002

Brainless at 2:00A.M.
Can anyone tell me where my brains went? Especially the part that has to do with blogging. Doesn't anyone out there ever run into a wall? I am being bombarded daily with tons of ideas and thoughts. Wild conversations with myself and others.........and all of it running around my head at a million miles an hour. And then I come home and something interrupts my thoughts with 'things to do'. Then I get prepared to sit down at my computer and I think "I'll have to think about this first"................And then .........and then what?........not sure. And now I feel like blogging but it's after 2:30 A.M. and I'm really tired! I'll try tomorrow.

Pleasant Dreams,

posted by Peach | Sunday, July 07, 2002
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