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Friday, June 28, 2002

Charming , renovated house(old house),recently landscaped(couple of bushes and some flowers). Beautiful French Windows and outdoor Patio and Coutyard(no backyard). Guest House and 3/4 bath(converted Garage); three bedroom and a Den(not very big). Full(what does that mean?) 2 and 1/2 Bath. 1926 sq. ft. Very Bright. Three offers already in!! Asking Price: $729,000. Open House this Saturday or call : Exceptional Value Realty today.
p.s. This is not in Beverly Hills . It's in a modest, middle -class neighborhood.

Anybody want to buy a house?

posted by Peach | Friday, June 28, 2002

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Peach's Projects
I feel so relaxed and clean........what else? A shower. A nice, long, warm shower on a lukewarm/cool, breezy summer night. My nightgown feels so light , and my bed so inviting......I'm really ready to roll out.............but.......but I wanted to talk about future projects for this website....something I can sleep on, with many ideas sprouting; hopefully remembered in the morning.

Project One: A movie list like AFI's 100 top movies of all time. But it will be Peach's picks with recommendations and not 100.
Project Two: Convincing Luigi to borrow his laptop in September when we go to Italy, because I would like to do 'Stories form the road" like Jay
Project Three: Book Reviews(This is going to take a while because......of Project Four.)
Project Four: List all the books I have wanted to read that have been collecting dust on the little Headboard shelf above my bed and stacked next to my nightstand.
Project Five: Do a 'DietaryAnalysis'; wierd food combinations of what Americans eat.(suggested by Sarah: after doing a long comment on her blog, she suggested: "Why not put that as a subject for your Blog")
Project Six: (and most important!) Update and Clean up this website with 100% help of my Techie cousin.

I'll start with Project Four:


EXODUS 1947 The Ship That Launched a Nation- RUTH GRUBER
WHAT WENT WRONG? Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response- BERNARD LEWIS

This is a bit scary. This is just a partial list. There are more books I want to read. It appears that if I were to live to 95 I might not be able to read everything I wanted to..........should have started sooner. This initial list is a combination of books I never got a chance to read in High School; Books I picked up at Borders and a few I just 'ran across'. One I bought at Amazon used and wondered why it was so cheap ($2). It turned out to be a first publication from 1945 in excellent condition . (I guess its not quite an antique). One I stole from Luigi(The internet one).

Let me know if you have read any of them and what you thought in my Comment Section. It's after 2 am.........Sammie (my cat) is waiting for me to go to sleep so he can sleep on my feet.

Buenas Noches,

posted by Peach | Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Friday, June 21, 2002

Mid East II
I called my girlfriend last night and her husband answered. He said she was taking a nap and he would let her know that I called. He said he was feeding the baby and in fact I could hear him in the background. Normally my friend's husband is very friendly and gregarious. His voice sounded different and he appeared to be unusually sullen and quiet. I asked him if everything was o.k. and he embarked on what appeared to be an explanation of his family. I still wasn't getting it until he said"He was the Bus Driver." "The Bus Driver?" I asked. He then proceeded to tell me that a cousin of his was the Bus Driver who was driving the Bus in Jeruselum that was blown up the day before. "The family had just gone to a wedding the day before" he said, "And the next day they all had to go to a Funeral." " I'm so sorry " was I all I could say.

When my girlfriend first met him she told me he was an Israeli. They have been married now for three years. I really love both of them.......they are a great couple. Harriet and I have been friends now for several years. Luigi and I have gotton together with them a few times. That Six Degrees of Separation or whatever that phenomenon is, has really brought this close to home for me. Hearing about the latest act of terrorist violence in the Mid East just a couple of days ago, and then to actually speak to a friend that had family on that doomed bus. He also mentioned to me that his mother and father "live 200 feet from that Bus stop where it was blown up."

I'm not sure what to say any more at this time. All this violence is making me sick. I'm also sick of the UN; sick of Politicians, ..........sick of the whole I meditate? I pray?....will this ever end....? NO! I am not going to boycott Starbuck's!!! Just because they're Jews!...There are good Muslims out there; but this specific Muslim Organization wants Starbuck's boycotted. If that isn't anti-semitism.............
All political discussions seem pointless to me right now. Just that it boils down to hate and more of it. Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow........


posted by Peach | Friday, June 21, 2002

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

The Middle East and You
This morning I made a statement on someone's Comment Section about how I felt about his latest entry to his Weblog.

He was speaking of the Israelis storming again into Jenin and other towns with their military and tanks. I'm not sure exactly what I wrote, but it was about the continued violence. He answered me that he agreed that the terrorism had to stop. But he said moving in with tanks would not stop the terrorist bombings. I would like to respond to Anthony and to address the problem on this entry.

To start with, most Americans know very little of the history of this conflict. And I can tell you that it goes back more than 50 or so years ago and way before Israel became a Country. As far as learning more about it , there is an excellent book entitled "What Went Wrong", by Bernard Lewis. He is a scholar and professor of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University. There are a lot of other well written books out there to read.(Meg, V.P at Blogger had a great list but unfortunately I forgot her website) Amazon has all of them.

Aside from the history , the current facts are these. Tanks will not stop the bombings. What they will do is to try to curtail the terrorist groups by getting to the leaders and jailing them. The Israelis have done house to house searches in the settlements to rout out their leaders. Of course the Palestinians feel invaded. But there is no question that their terrorist leaders are strongly supported. You can tell just from the grafitti in the settlements. There are pipe bombings ,rocks and bottles thrown at the soilders all the time. The Israeli soilders are not out there to mass destroy the Palestinian population contrary to what CNN has told you. Do you always trust the media? I do hope you don't. If I were a soilder and someone was less than a few yards from me and was about to throw a Molotov Cocktail at me what would I do? Should I let him kill me? For those of you who have never been in a war, ask a grandfather or anyone who is a war veteran, what it's like. It's easy for all of us to sit on our Ivory thrones and make judgements from our cushy existence.

I am sorry, but it really ticks me off when all the focus in the news is about how many palestinians were killed by Israelis. You must FIRST be informed with the facts before you decide what's going on. Think if we had more 9/11's, which will probably happen again. Let's say we had about one a week. Given the size of this country it may still not affect us though. But lets' just say we sit back and just be scared when the next Bombing or terrorist act occurs. We listen and pray and hope that it will end. What if it doesn't end? What if it just keeps on going. One day you wake up and two of your cousins are killed in Iowa because of a terror attack. You cry, you mourn, you pray. You go to the funeral and your relatives tell you how awful the inside of the bus looked. They explain to you of the pictures of the gore and blood and body parts strewn in the street and in the bus. But you must go on. Life goes on. The next week you hear in the news that they toppled a highrise in downtown Chicago. Many,many lives are lost. But still we must do nothing. No you say? We are expecting the Israelis to sit on their buts and do absolutely nothing. Just imagine there are no more checkpoints at the borders. Israelis pull out of every where. They no longer try to rout out the terrorists. What is so difficult for most of us to understand is that the situation as bad as it is would get much worse.

I do believe that Palestine has to have a country of it's own and there are many Israelis who want that as well. They believe there should be no more new settlements and that some may have to be shut down. But this, unfortunately will not stop the terrorism. You have to understand what is going on and why the terrorism would continue. It starts with innocent young children who are brainwashed to believe that Israelis are the devil and must be washed from the face of the earth. It is a known fact that the hatred is propagated in the schools and in their textbooks. That is why children grow up wanting to become suicide bombers. They believe that Allah has called for it and they will go to heaven for these deeds. Nowhere is it written in the Koran about genocide or killing. You can ask any Muslim you know . Hatred can be stopped. But I wish I could be more optimistic. Whatever the circumstances were 100 years ago or what the history of that region tells us, we have to know that if a child is taught hatred of a people, an ethnic group or a nation, then the bloodshed will continue. There is no other outcome.

I have often thought I would like to see an exchange of letters and correspondence between children of different nations to understand each other better, and to bring them all closer to each other. I know this exists because I went to an elemetary school that had a correspondence program with a sister city in Japan. I am Miss Pollyanna here, but I wish there would be such a program between the Israeli and the Palestinian children. Right now that's an impossibility. These children will become the adults of tomorrow and will determine the future of this world.

There was an academy nominated documentary film about an American Journalist who got a group of Israeli and Palestinian children together. It was an amazing piece of journalism and was the most astonishing when they finally got them all together for one long day playdate. The saddest and most disheartening part was the sadness of one of the Palestinian boys who cried at the end of the day because he would not see his new friends again.

I once heard a Palestinian Jounalist speak on the radio. He said he had hoped his little eight year old son would eventually exchange e-mails with an Israeli boy. He said that his hope vanished when his little boy came to him one day and said he wanted a gun to kill Israelis.

I welcome your comments and ideas,

posted by Peach | Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Tee-Shirt Unification
Damn busy life.........hate neglecting my blog! Short to the rescue.....shorter blogs=more blogs more often? I'll take a short blog and a Blog of Note to go..............I Wish! Anyone out there? Do you know I'm even here? One lonely blogger.....and my poor undetected Weblog.

If any of you were watching the World Cup "8th of finals"(Round of Sixteen) between Italy and Korea, you know that Italy is out and Korea will go on to the Quarter Finals. Very depressing for the Italians and Italia Fans and Luigi of course. He was a bit glum this morning after viewing the video he had taped at 4:00 a.m. He always watches it on Univision because he thinks the coverage is better than ESPN; and they show the ceremonious playing of the country's national Anthems with each player standing behind a little Korean child.Very impressive and emotional...reminds me of the Olympics.(The World Cup Matches are being held in Korea and Japan.) I used to get that emotional for the Lakers(I'm not sure what happened with that.) What is truly amazing is that the U.S. has made it to the Quarter Finals! Something that has not happened in the last 70 years. I have become a fan! Hope that the U.S.'s success so far will begin to drum up more interest here, in the game that was banned in Renaissance Florence as being too violent. Watch the awesome 'head' plays. I saw one player aim the ball from his head directly into the net for a goal!

In the opening Anthem ceremony the camera scanned the entire stadium.............totally unreal sight. Every person in that stadium was wearing a red T-shirt (Red and White--Korean colors). There were probably few exceptions because all you could see was a sea of red and no other disruptions of color. How do you get a crowd of almost 65,000 to all don the sameT-shirt? How?! It pretty much knocked me for a loop staring at that huge 'red' stadium. If there were ads on the radio and t.v. tomorrow to let everyone know that they all should show up for the next Dodger Game in Chavez Ravine with Blue T-shirts, I don't think it would happen.........Sure there would be many people who would show up in blue....but for sure not all of them! What makes those Koreans so unified? What the heck makes almost every single last one of them wear a Red T-shirt to that Soccer Match? I can tell you that that solid red stadium must have been intimidating as hell to the Italian team.

Soccer has become a compelling contender in sports and has a strong loyal following in almost every major country in the world including the Continents of Africa, Asia,Europe, South America and the MId-East.........Maybe eventually in this country.

But I sure wish I knew how they got the entire Stadium to turn red like that............what loyalty!!!

Stay Tuned,

posted by Peach | Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Thursday, June 13, 2002

La Luna
Wow...........Double Wow!! This evening,around 9:30 p.m., I was rounding the transition ramp to the 405 Freeway and came upon an incredible vision. Incredible because I had never seen the night sky so clear in the middle of the city. Heading north and looking out toward the Western sky to my left was one of the most beautiful Crescent moons I had ever seen. It was a perfect slice of glistening silver in a sky so cloudless and pure that the shadowed part of the face was observed as clearly defined as a full moon. The gleam of that sliver of moon was perfectly framed by a large bright white star to the top left and an equally shiny but smaller star punctuating the bottom left arc of the Crescent. As I was heading North on the freeway I kept staring at this vision and being aware that my driver concentration was being compromised and the sound of my wheels running over the lane bumps brought me back and forth to my driver responsibility. I just couldn't help it . What happened to all that dirty 'orange' L.A.crap that hangs out day and night in the air like a blurry, dirty dishwater haze? With that kind of atmosphere it's rare out here to see many clear nights unless you go all the way out to Palmdale( which is just what stargazers and eclipse watchers do.) The only other reason for the heavenly clarity is a strong breeze from the ocean that carries itself, sometimes, on an inland mission. That is exactly what happened this evening and the likes of which may not show up til the next century.

I called Luigi, as soon as I got home. He was attending a conference in Monterey.
"Did you see the moon tonight?!"
"Yes. It is so much more beautiful up here."
"But it was outstanding down here too. A wind came up and blew the haze away and the sky is perfect."
"It is so incredible up here. I went into Carmel. It is so beautiful and very European. I've never seen a town like this yet in this country."
"Did you go on the 17 Mile Drive?"
" Awesome. Have you seen those Cypress trees? They were almost extinct when Cabrillo first landed here. The people that followed liked them so much that they were planted all around this area and are all the way down to Big Sur now."
"I'm sorry I couldn't make it up there with you."
"Yes , you should have come along. When we do come up here again I'll show you that famous Cypress tree we saw in that movie "Vertigo". Remember that videotape you bought? There's a fence there now so you can't walk up to it any more."
" I should've come with you."

Famous last words. As I sit here alone with my lunar crazed brain, I sign off for the night.

"Au clair de La Lune, mon ami Pierrot.
Prete-moi ta plume, pour ecrire un mot."


posted by Peach | Thursday, June 13, 2002

Monday, June 10, 2002

Mutually Time Zone Friendly
It has been hectic AGAIN! Just got back from a wedding in San Diego. CONGRATULATIONS MELISSA AND JASON!!!!!!! I am going to display an e-mail I just sent to a friend as a brief statement , just so my blog does not go idle......and will be back later this week for more 'content'.


What is Hotmail Messenger?
I have been busy as usual. June will be the worst. There is a wedding in San Diego(whole week-end); my cousin's graduation from High School;My brother and sister and little nephew coming in from out of town this week to celebrate Father's Day altogether;working projects off my desk and clearing out contents of apartment and moving them to storage before June 31st.

I agree with you that I don't understand how people have time to blog on a daily basis. It does take thought and reflection and time. I can't do that on a 'drive through' basis. I am self-employed but can soon become unemployed if I don't kick my own But!!!!! I must work first BEFORE I blog. But yes, there does seem to be so few of daily blogs with any real substance. My present contacts excluded off course(from my limited surfing anyway----maybe three or four---e-mailing my admiration for their exemplary blogs.) A lot of amazing tech and graphic stuff out there though.

I messed up on the Kodak site and as you know I am not computer literate. Apparantly the site times out after an hour or so. But I did manage to get a photo of my foot on my blog. That was the only picture of 'me' on the roll as I was the one who shot the roll. My cousin who is only (almost) 18 years old promised to beef up my website as he knows a lot about computers. I'm going to get him to scan some photos on my blog including photos of myself.

I would like to chat with you also. I'm sure that we can find an opportunity to chat that's mutually time zone friendly.

Your Cyber Friend,

posted by Peach | Monday, June 10, 2002

Sunday, June 02, 2002

My Foot

posted by Peach | Sunday, June 02, 2002

Bunch of Stuff

I have unfortunately had a 'hollow' mind this week or maybe my brain was in a vacuum. Either or, I have been locked into some kind of inertia that would not let me move forward. I really wanted to write; with many ideas in my mind and a load of events that happened over the last week that would not translate into fingers flying over the keyboard. I think as I sit here that I'm just tired. Maybe my caotic life is ready for another short vacation like a three day week-end. happend to be a three day week-end last week but it was used up with "things to get done".

I spoke with my Mom this morning about all the junk that has been accumulating in her Apartment. She wants to get rid of it and I told her to just get together with her girlfriend at her house and get rid of all their stuff on the sidewalk. She let me know that she is dearly 'attached' to some of it and can't let go. I have experienced the same feelings myself when I threw out bags full(9 trash bags to be exact) of papers, clothes and useless junk last year. But not before much contemplation and hemming and hawing around because I wasn't sure if some of it might really be important to me............ important??.......non-functional, wasted garbage!!!!! I remember hearing something about Feng Shue(sorry --don't know correct spelling) and how clutter in your household can not only affect your living space but also your mind. Oriental philosophy is very rooted in spirituality and I am beginning to realize that whatever form you believe in makes no difference. Only that sprituality is something that should be part of the whole pie of life. Feng Shue also brings that into focus. I'm getting on a diatribe here again, but I truly believe that it is vital to our lives to understand the connection between us and others and the great expanse of universe out there. I am not a fanatic but I have made the realization that yoga and meditation and allying with nature, (to name a few) and time away from my speedy lifestyle is absolutely necessary and crucial to a healthy life.

Luigi bought a new camera a couple of weeks ago and gave me his 'old' one. His old one happens to be a great Canon EOS 10s with three lenses. I used to have a Minolta SLR(who knows where it is) and I really forgot how to take pictures. So before I eased myself back into setting the speed and the f-stop and all the other photo 'stuff' I decided to put it in automatic mode for the first roll of film. I am going to try to get in one of the photos here with that "blog this" feature on my blog. Remebering that I am computer illiterate I hope that it works. If it does just click on the link either above or below, wherever it ends up and view a picture of my foot and and an espresso cup and saucer..............exciting....isn't it? Oh well maybe next time there will be better photos from my future camera adventures.

Til next time,

posted by Peach | Sunday, June 02, 2002
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