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Tuesday, April 23, 2002

You are your Culture

I was watching a fascinating Documentary on the Discovery Channel a couple of days ago entitled "The Real Eve". It documented the wandering of 'modern' man 150 thousand years ago from his birthplace in Africa to points north and East and beyond. They had traced the mitochondria from one 'virtual' woman and her daughters through many countless generations and the subsequent cultures they left behind. These humans who came out of Africa eventually became the semitic peoples of the Middle East , the Asian peoples of the East and North and South America; the Middle and Eastern Europeans and the Northern Vikings. In other words these 'first' Africans became the peoples and races of all humans living on Earth today. I already knew a lot of this information as I majored in Anthropology in College. However, due to all the new advanced studies of the human gene and DNA, scientists are learning much more to prove their theories.

I have to say that I have been a little sad lately at all the bloodshed and violence that is going on in Israel and Palestine. Bottom line is as long as there is hate, I can't see a Peace Settlement in the near future. I have heard and seen many news stories over the last few weeks. One of the most distressing of them was a picture that was released by the New York Times. It was two pictures of two young women; both looking amazingly alike and nearly the same age. They both had long black hair, dark eyes and looked like teenagers you might find in a High School Yearbook. One woman blew herself up and the woman who was walking next to her; who was on her way into the market for Sabbath shopping for her Mom. One young woman wanted to become a martyr for her cause and the other just wanted to live out a peaceful life. Both their mothers had probably wanted their daughters to live a long life. One of the most tragic events a parent can experience is to see a child die before themselves. I am normally a kind of a Pollyanna; hopeful and optimistic. I don't feel that same way about the MIddle East. If there was a settlement tomorrow and the Palestinians finally had a State or country of their own; the terrorism would not stop. Although the majority of the Palestinians would be satisfied with their own country ,the Terrorist Groups would survive because of the hate and revenge that is passed on to the very young schoolchildren. It is taught in the classroom and read in their textbooks. And by the time they are young adults their vision or mission would be to rid the region of the entire State of Israel and all Israelis and anyone who stood in the way of their 'beliefs'(i.e Americans).

I am neither a Politician nor a philosopher. But I can see what is going on in Northern Ireland. I remember Bosnia and the gruesome pictures that came out in Time Magazine. I know about Vietnam, World War II, and Somalia and Afghanistan. Am I oversimplyfying things for you? Have you ever fought in a War? I haven't. I have often wondered , reading all those news items and watching CNN, what I would do if I was in a war and all of a sudden I am faced with a young kid who is ready to throw a bomb at me. Would I shoot him in self defense or let myself be blown up. It's really a kind of stupid question, isn't it? But then again War is.......what? stupid? Not a very definitive word. Innocent men, women and children always die in a War. So where do we draw the line? Are all of you out there either on one side or the other. Are you a Hawk or a Dove? Is it really Black and White. I do not think so. If there had been no retaliation in Europe in World War II, what kind of world would have been left for us if Hitler had been allowed to trash the globe unimpeded?

There are no hard lines to draw and no easy solutions. Sure, we have to worry about people like Saddam Hussein and his probability of making a nuclear Bomb. After September 11th maybe we don't feel as secure as we once did. With all that is going on, though , there is still within me a small but strong essence of hope for peace in this world. And although some Wars in the past have been fought for economic and Political reasons, the one true hope that we all have, is that now we really know that we are all brothers. It's been proven. If there is hate , then there surely will always be war. That is certain. If it's about revenge, someone has to be the first to stop the circle of violence or it will just voraciously feed upon itself forever............

Love to all,

posted by Peach | Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Thursday, April 18, 2002

In the Balance

Running around, working, sleeping, getting up too early; tired, get up the next day, traffic, "go to bed way" ;no time to watch T.V. read or blog. Whine, whine, whine. One heck of an interesting life.....right ? No! Not all those things. My life is really more 'fun' than all that routine minutiae. I would probably go crazy if that's all there was . Making observations in everyday passing of events is very interesting and enlightening. And that is only part of the whole picture.

Saturday we went to the Apple Pan. That Hamburger place has been around long before any of us were born. It's this little hole in the wall, that when you walk in through the antiquated springy screen door , you are back in the 1940's. I don't think any inch of that place has ever been changed. (except maybe for painting the walls.) There is a u-shaped counter encircled with little black stools, that are permanently rooted to the step-up ledge above the floor. What is really amazing is that any time of day that you happen to enter this little joint, it is always crowded with people lining the walls; sometimes 2-deep. I always memorize the people standing around (there are no 'waiting' chairs) so that I know when I'm next to sit down. If you don't take note of the other people you can't go up to someone who just sat down on a stool if you don't know if you were there first.

On this particular Saturday night I saw two guys sit down on two empty stools . I really thought that I had been there first. So I walked up to one of them and told him so. " No", he says to me," I saw you when you walked in here." Whoops! Before I retreated back to the wait line, he said." Hey I can get rid of my friend if you want to sit here instead." I laughed apologetically, said thanks and moved back. We must have waited at least 15-20 minutes before we sat down to order. But that's normal. You wait because it's the best hamburger in the city, maybe in California. You have a choice of two Hamburgers: Steakburger and Hickoryburger. Both are out of this world. You can also order an incredible Tuna Melt with the tuna filling so huge it spills out on the sides. I can see why this place has been able to hang on for going on 60 years. It has built up quite a reputation and I guess the 'word-of-mouths' passes from one generation to the other.

I like to watch people, and I would look around periodically to check things out while I was gobbling my Steakburger . This tall man walks in who looked very cool in his sort of turned-up collar jacket and hung out at the wall. He was probably waiting for someone. I was looking at him as I had been gazing at others in the last few minutes. But I stared a little longer because he looked familiar to me. Lately it seemed everyone looked familiar to me. He looked at me and I was wondering if he thought I was flirting with him, so I looked away. I mean Luigi was sitting next to me and I was not flirting! His girlfriend finally showed up. I told Luigi that I thought they made an odd couple. He had a lot of presence and stood out in a very attractive way. His girlfriend was kind of a mouse. Wow, Why was I being so judgemental? He kept looking over and I started to get uncomfortable. Eventually they moved over to the other side of the room to sit down.

I walked out of there and for the rest of the night I was trying to figure out where the heck I knew him from. I know that I know him. But from when and from where? My mother would have said that this guy was from my past life and the reason I felt uncomfortable was because there was something that had been left unfinished between us and needed to be taken care of. When? She would say "In your next LIfe." Go figure.


posted by Peach | Thursday, April 18, 2002

Saturday, April 06, 2002

Space Cadet
It's been way too long . My Weblog has almost become a ghost. I feel a bit empty when my tapping fingers are not stringing all those letters into words out in cyberspace.

I have had a very rough week. My beloved Kitty Zayna is very ill. I came home last Saturday in the early afternoon and had to take her to the Vet. The blood tests confirm that she has kidney disease. The Vet said it's hard to tell how long a cat with that condition will last. She could live another two years-----or maybe only two months. The most difficult part is trying to get her to down three or four different medications. I also have to 'administer' fluids to her subcutaneously. My apartment has become a long term care facility for cats. Luigi holds up the saline solution bag with the long tube and the most incredible long , thick needle you've ever seen. Then yours truly must inject that god-awful needle into her Cat. Ironically Zayna is very calm during this process and I was told by the Vet , as it is given just underneath the skin, that cats really do not feel any pain. But she certainly goes into Rodeo manuvers and Bronco bucking escape modes when I try to get those pills and medicines in her mouth.

Tomorrow is my Birthday and I am planning to have a nice week-end. Luigi and I were going to head over to LACMA for the Sayajit (pronounced Sah-jeet) Ray Film retrospective tonight as we had done last Friday night. Tonight was a bit hectic so we didn't make it over there; maybe tomorrow night. If you are not familiar with this filmaker, then perhaps you should be. He is quoted as being India's greatest filmaker and " one of the greatest of the twentieth century." He is probably best known for his "Apu Trilogy", part of which we saw last Friday.(Pather Panchali/Song of the Road). I have seen two or three of his films already. His films are subtle, sensuous,oftentimes very realistic in a draconian sort of way. (i.e. "Pather Panchali). This observation is probably, solely,an American viewpoint. For Luigi, who grew up in Venezuela, and who was a witness(but not a victim) to that country's poverty and severity; the film remains for him a nomalcy in terms of 'seen it all'. The message that Ray transmits to the viewers, then, will be interpreted in ways that reflect their own individual lives. And yet in my own perceptions of this man's genius, I do find his films poetic and beautiful to watch.

I started out this week being pretty spaced out; but I am beginning to wind down and I am finding myself in a very pleasant, calm state of mind. It probably is somewhat due to finally getting back to my weblog and the 'high' of the transmission of brain cell/idea to my electronic journal. Don't we all find our weblogs therapeutic?

What I really would like to do tomorrow is go for a long hike in the Santa Monica Mountains, perhaps up to Topanga Canyon or Malibu. It's been a long time since I've been out in nature AWAY from the Big City. It is my day , so I'm hoping Luigi is also in the mood for Rattle Snakes and Mountain Lions too. (Just kidding!!!).

Just a quick note to let you know of a great website, especially if you are a woman, that I discovered at Google's wonderful search engine. ( I love Google) Since I am not a computer geek and have not figured out how to transfer links yet(Luigi is busy right now) I will spell it out for you. It's As you can see it is a Canadian Website. Click on Moxie Men and then check out Jordan Flynn. Not only does he look good but he is my kind of man with the right kind of sensibilities and understanding of the world. He also appreciates nature, and like me grew up near an ocean (the Pacific is the epitome of serenity of the soul). There are also other guys you can check out. Have fun with it and let me know what you think of it. Since I have not figured out how to move my e-mail to this weblog, please check out my other website at It already had an e-mail 'set-up' in the blogskin I selected. So just click on the 'e-mail me'.

A Tout a l'heure (til next time),

posted by Peach | Saturday, April 06, 2002
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